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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Norris, F. W.Monroe Co., Mich.25D 130 OH N. G.Fairfieldview record
Norris, J. W.Monroe Co., Mich.25H 130 OH V.I.Jasperview record
Ostram, HenryFairfield, Mich.25H 15 MI Inf.Adrianview record
Pangburn, J. H.NY25B 47 OH V.I.Blissfieldview record
Pangburn, J. H.NY25B 47 OH V.I.Blissfieldview record
Patterson, JohnIreland25H 15 MI V. I.Ogdenview record
Patterson, W. J.Ireland25L 1 MI E&MPalmyraview record
Patterson, Wm.Lenawee Co., Mich.25H 15 MI Inf.Ogden Centerview record
Pentellow, JohnEngland25B 9 MI Cav.Ogdenview record
Pifer, DavidPreston, W. Va.25B 18 MI Inf.Ogden Centerview record
Powers, RubenMonroe, Mich.25C 18 MI V. I.Rasin Centerview record
Rawson, I. S.Milan, Mich.25I 8 MI Cav.Ogdenview record
Reed, Wm. L.Barry Co., Ohio25K 76 PA Inf.Ogdenview record
Reese, ConradGermana25E 4 MI V. I.Metamora, Ohioview record
Rinekist (?), W. H. H.Allegheny Co, Ma (?)25D 3 MA Vol. Inf.Ogdenview record
Robach (Rohrback), GeorgeGermany25F 67 OH V.I.Ogdenview record
Robb, Herman B.NY25A 1 MI E&MFairfieldview record
Robb, John W.Ohio25B 124 OH V.I.Fairfieldview record
Robertson, IsiahOgden, Mich.25B 18 MI Inf.Ogden Centerview record
Rockwood, AnaniasCanada25D 10 MI Vol. Inf.Ogden Towns.view record
Rockwood, Ananias25D 10 MI Vol. Inf.view record
Rosenstile, J.25F 139 PA Inf.view record
Sawyer, J. B.New York25C 5 NY Art.Fairfieldview record
Scott, G. W.Palmyra25H 15 MI V.I.Ogdenview record
Sebring, Norman B.Ogden, Mich.25B 4 MI Inf.Ogden Centerview record
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