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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Harding, Geo D.Niagara2I 11 MI Inf.Quincy, MIview record
Hawes, Norman S.Reading, MI2D 1 MI LAQuincyview record
Hayden, Alonzo CEssex Co., NY2A 1 MI LAQuincyview record
Hayes, Charles B.Canton, OH223 NY Batteryview record
Hayner, GeorgeNew York2C 110 NY Inf.South Allen, MIview record
Haynes, James H.Penfield, Ny2A 1 MI LAQuincy, MIview record
Haynes, JosephMichigan2C 1 MI SSAllenview record
Hays, C. B.2view record
Herrick, E. W.Ashtabula, Oh2A 29 OH Vols.Quincyview record
Herrick, WmHanible, NY2M 2 NY HAQuincyview record
Hill, Francis E.Hillsdale Co., MI24 MI Inf.Hillsdale Co, MIview record
Hodges, D.Pennsylvania2B 17 IN VolsButlerview record
Holcomb, LeroyNew York2C 12 IN Cav.Quincy, MIview record
Hoyt, Eli S.New York2H 11 MI Inf.Alganseeview record
Hughey, J. L.Ohio2H 30 IN Vol.Alganseeview record
Hunt, Horace H.Cato Twp, NY2B 8 MI Cav.Quincyview record
Iles, J. C.England2C 1 MI Inf.Quincyview record
Ingalls, FrankNew York2E 44 NY Vols.Quincy, MIview record
Jackson, AndrewMississippi2M 4 US C. Inf.Butlerview record
Jackson, JohnConnecticut2F 12 OH Cav.Quincy, MIview record
Jenne, AsaNew York2G 2 MI Inf.Quincyview record
Joiner, Ralph C.Ohio2F 22 OH RCAlganseeview record
June, CharlesOhio2A NY HAOvid, MIview record
Kellogg, Luther H.Hillsdale, MI2C 6 MI HAQuincyview record
Knickerbocker, Iva J.Ella,NY227 MI Inf.Allen, MIview record
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