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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Gage, T. F.18I 1 MIview record
Gardner, F.Illinois18M 4 IN Cav.Traverse Cityview record
Gardner, F.Illinois18M 4 IN Cav.Traverse Cityview record
Gardner, S. A.18view record
Garner, R. B.New York18C 6 MI Cav.Traverse Cityview record
Garverick, PeterNew York18F 9 MI Cav.Traverse Cityview record
Getchell, Geo. W.New York18E 10 MI Cal.Traverse Cityview record
Gibbs, L. K.Sheboygan, M.18I 48 WI Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Gillett, B. O.New York18I 14 NY V. Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Glendenning, M. M18H 5 MI Inf.view record
Gore, Homer18142 IN Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Gowdy, J. R.Ohio18F 154 OHTraverse Cityview record
Green, William L.New York, NY18H 12 IN Cav.Elmwoodview record
Green, Wm. H.New York18G 85 NY V. Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Greeno, D. A.New York18E 13 PATraverse Cityview record
Greenough, M. E.Vermont18E 102 NY Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Greer, F.Maine1812 MA BatteryOld Missionview record
Gridley, Hiram W.Russell, Mass.18E 196 OH V. I.Traverse Cityview record
Gridley, Julius C.18A 1 OH L. A.view record
Gundman, GodfreyGermany18E 15 IN Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Hallett, MarshallNew York18Traverse Cityview record
Halsted, SamuelMichigan18C 16 MI Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Hamlin, J. R.Mich.18A 11 MITraverse Cityview record
Hanks, A. E.W. Va.18D 2 MI Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Hannaford, C. A.18I 124 ILview record
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