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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Hughes, JohnMichigan16C 23 MI Inf.Evartview record
Hungerford, William H.Michigan16F 8 MI Cav.Evartview record
Jenkins, Lucius S.Tennesee16G 21 OH Inf.Evartview record
Jenkins, Lucius S.16G 21 OH Inf.view record
Jennings, Albert16F 10 MI Cav.Evartview record
Jerome, MosesNew York167 WI BatteryEvartview record
Johnson, George B.Indiana16F 1 MI Cav.Searsview record
Johnson, James S.16B 101 PAview record
Jones, Lemuel P.New Jersey16I 1 MI E&MSearsview record
Jones, Walter P.16K 23 MI Inf.view record
Keith, Horace G.16B 8 NY Cav.view record
Keith, Horace G.Avon, NY16B 8 NY Cav.Evartview record
Kirby, Stanley E.Penn.16I 1 OH Inf.Evartview record
Lawrence, John D.Ohio16C 118 IN Inf.Evartview record
Lee, RussellOhio16H 20 OH Vet. Inf.Forkview record
Lewis, Wm. A.Mass.16B 23 Mi Inf.Evartview record
Liggitt, Wm. P.New York16A 10 Mi Cav.Evartview record
Little, JamesOhio16C 2 OH Vol.Evartview record
Manley, Wm. J.Ohio16K 68 OH Inf.Searsview record
Manley, Wm. J.16K 68 OHview record
Mapes, J. N.Canada16E 27 MI Inf.Evartview record
Marrigold, Charles L.New York16B 39 IL V. I.Evartview record
McCarn, Abslom (Alanson) J.Michigan16G 7 Mi Cav.Avondaleview record
Mills, Charles C.New York State16E 3 Mi Inf.Evartview record
Mills, Charles C.New York16E 3 MI Inf.Evartview record
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