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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Main, F. F.New York13F 100 NY Inf.view record
Manchester, StephenMichigan13C 2 MI Inf.Harbor Springsview record
Manning, PerryNew York13C 2 MI Cav.view record
Marshall, Joseph H.Pennsylvania13B 15 PA Inf.Harbor Springsview record
Mcasson, A. D.Ohio1380 OH Inf.view record
McDaniels, HarveyNew York13E 85 NY Inf.Richmondview record
McEntosh, L. H.Pennsylvania13K 8 PA Cav.view record
McEntosh, M. E.13D 132 PA Inf.Friendshipview record
Mead, MarionBoone Co., IL13F 6 MI H. A.Harbor Springsview record
Miller, Wm. H.Pennsylvania13I 9 IN Inf.Little Traverseview record
Morford, H. W.13I 66 IL Inf.Pleasantviewview record
Moss, Gideon L.Ont., Canada1311 MI Inf.Harbor Springsview record
Munn, John W.Oswego, NY13B 89 NY Inf.Harbor Springsview record
Munn, Wm. W.13B 89 NY Inf.Pleasantviewview record
Newkirk, Chas. C.New York13K 17 MI Inf.Harbor Springsview record
Nichols, J. W.Dayton13E 6 MI H. A.New Yorkview record
Norton, HenryBlack Rock, NY13M 1 MI E&MHarbor Springsview record
Nunnemaker, RobtCanada13H 29 MI Inf.view record
Pace, PeterPrince Edwards, Can.13D 8 WI Inf.Harbor Springsview record
Palmer, Amos W.Michigan13H 6 MI Cav.view record
Palmer, E. J.Ohio13E 48 IN Inf.view record
Palmer, Elias J.Ohio13E 48 IN Inf.view record
Parker, Wm. E.13view record
Parmlee, T. S.Michigan13K 1 MI Cav.Little Traverseview record
Penoyer, Chas.New York13E 23 MI Inf.Pleasantviewview record
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