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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Smedley, T. J.Michigan11G 3 MI Cav.Vernonview record
Smith, Emory B.Clinton, MI11I 10 MI Cav.Bancroftview record
Smith, H. C.Waterford, MI11B 19 MI Inf.Antrimview record
Spencer, A. F.New York11E 14 MIBancroftview record
Spicer, Hurlbert?, Michigan11C 6 MI Cav.Bancroftview record
Stocking, HoraceMichigan11B 8 MI Cav.Antrimview record
Stone, A. B.New York11H 94 NY Inf.Burnsview record
Stone, C. H.Massachusetts11G 14 NY Inf.Antrimview record
Streeter, Wm. P.Indiana11I 34 IN Inf.Bancroftview record
Treadway, Wm.Ohio11F 9 MI Inf.Perryview record
Trowbridge, AustinOnedaga, NY11H 23 MI Inf.Antrimview record
Tuthill, Chas.Pontiac11G 4 MIBancroftview record
Vanever ?, GarritGalina, NY11I 29 MI Inf.Benningtonview record
Vining, T. S.Jackson, Michigan11C 9 MI Inf.Bancroftview record
Watson, Joel H.New York11D 106 NY Inf.Corunnaview record
Welsh, Thos.Michigan11F 5 NYBancroftview record
Whiteing, GideonMichigan11A 20 MI Inf.Morrisview record
Wilkerson, CharlesNew York11A 23 MI Inf.Chiawassee, MIview record
Williams, HenryLorain, OH11E 14 MI Inf.Bancroftview record
Wilson, Jas. H.Canada11I 14 MIBancroftview record
Wimbles, Henry P.11H 1 MI Inf.view record
Wise, Charles A.11K 14 MI Inf.Bancroftview record
Wood, ThomasIreland11F 5 NY Inf.Bancroftview record
Worden, O. H.Clarkston11C 151 NYBancroftview record
Worden, Oliver H.New York11C 151 NY Inf.Bancroftview record
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