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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Holt, N. D.New York9H 153 NY Inf.Hesperiaview record
Homes (Holmes), Martin W.New York9G 27 Mi Inf.Denverview record
Howell, Joshua J.Monroe, NY9I 10 MI Cav.Hesperiaview record
Huffer, JacobOhio9D 129 IN Inf.Lincolnview record
Hunt, Lea920 IAview record
Hunt, LenLondon, England9B 20 IA Inf.Hesperiaview record
Hurst, FarleyGermany9F 35 NY Inf.Newfieldview record
Inman, G.Iowa9K 40 IADenverview record
Ives, EdwardEngland9B 44 IL Inf.Hesperiaview record
Jacqay, L. P.Stark Co., OH9D 129 IN Inf.Denverview record
James, SilasLake, O9D 13 MI Inf.Twp of Greenwoodview record
Jenne, A. C.New York9D 4 MIDenverview record
John, AlexanderOhio9F 67 OHHesperiaview record
Johnson, O. H.9H 30 MI Inf.Hesperiaview record
Kenyon, Geo. W.Vermont9B 4 MI Inf.Hesperiaview record
Kizer, John W.Ohio9A 138 INHesperiaview record
Knowles, AlfredOhio9D 105 OH Inf.Beaverview record
Knowls, AlfredOhio9B 105 OHBeaverview record
Krontz, Symond944 ILview record
Laclare, PeterCanada9L 16 MIHesperiaview record
Lewis, Nathan9K 27 MI Inf.view record
Lobeck, A. L.Germany92Batt WI Arty.Hesperiaview record
Lockard, ThomasOhio9D 44 ILHesperiaview record
Lore, EdwinMaine9B 3 MIHesperiaview record
Loshand, ThomasOhio9D 44 ILGreenwoodview record
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