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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Jackson, Joseph L.NY75B 33 NY Inf.Grand Havenview record
Jeffers, Alex L.NY75L 5 NY H. A.Grand Havenview record
Johnson, HenryNaples, NY75G 153 IN Inf.Grand Havenview record
Keeler, AlexanderNY75A 10 MI Cav.Robinsonview record
Kefgen, Wm. F.New York City75C 22 MI Inf.Grand Havenview record
Kibler, Joseph W.Licking Co., Ohio75B 4 OH Inf.Grand Havenview record
Kinsley, Frank L.New Haven, Vt.75D 5 MI Inf.Grand Havenview record
Koning, ArieHolland75I 25 MI Inf.Grand Havenview record
La Barge, BenjaminFranklin Co., NY75E 21 MI Inf.Hamiltonview record
Lackie, John M.Canada75E 65 IL Inf.Grand Havenview record
Lee, Roswell H.Kirtland, Ohio75B 41 WI Inf.Spring Lakeview record
Little, Chas. W.Vermont75C 3 VTGrand Havenview record
Luikens, JohnHolland75B 1 MI S. S.Grand Havenview record
Lynn, WalterCaphan, VT75C 10 VT Cav.Grand Havenview record
Mastenbrock, JohnHolland75K 1 MI E&MGrand Havenview record
Mastenbrock, JohnHolland75K 1 MI E&MGrand Havenview record
McClure, JayMachi??, NY75H 6 MI Cav.Spring Lakeview record
McCune, JayMachias, NY75H 6 MI Cav.Spring Lakeview record
Milliman, Edwin L.Wayne Co., NY75E 96 NY Vols.Grand Havenview record
Monroe, Squire L.Monroe Co., NY75B 1 IA Cav.Grand Havenview record
Mower, Samuel C.Boston, Mass.75K 4 WI Inf.Grand Havenview record
Myers, Isaac C.Courtland Co., Pa.75H 10 MI Cav.Johnsville (Agnew)view record
Nichols, John E.Green Co., NY75H 11 Mi Inf.Robinsonview record
O'Connell, JamesIreland75F 5 MI Cav.Grand Havenview record
Orr, James W.Glasgow, Scotland75D 36 IL Inf.Grand Havenview record
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