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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Knowles, DavidK ----(?), O.74H 19 WI Inf.Waylandview record
Knowles, John M.74view record
Knowlton, John74view record
Lane, James H.New York74F 165 NY Inf.Waylandview record
Linsley, E. S.Parkman, O.74L 4 MI Cav.Waylandview record
Little, T. F.England74B 144 NY I.Deightonview record
Manchester, Wm. R.Branch74C 19 MI Inf.Deightonview record
Manley, Jerome B.New York74L 6 NY Cav.Waylandview record
Mason, H. S.74view record
Matson, LumanDryden, NY74G 7 PA C.Grand Rapidsview record
Mc Cune, DanielOhio74C 39 OH Inf.Dorrview record
McIntyre, JohnScotland74E 1 MI Eng.Waylandview record
McLeod, Wm.Scotland74C 19 Mi Inf.Waylandview record
Moore, J. W.Otsego, NY74E 28 MI Inf.Waylandview record
Morse, Cyrus O.Andelins. NY74E 13 MI Inf.Waylandview record
Nash, A. W.Olin (?), O.74D 7 OH V. I.Waylandview record
Nash, AlbertOhio74E 102 Vol. Inf.Waylandview record
Nash, Harvey B.Ohio74D 103 OH Inf.Waylandview record
Orton, James V.New York74I 17 MI V. I.Molineview record
Palmer, WaldoYpsilanti74H 21 MI Inf.Waylandview record
Parker, H. W.Lorain Co., O.74A 3 MI Inf.Waylandview record
Parker, Wm.Ireland74D 17 Mi Inf.Deightonview record
Paull, John F.Cayuga, NY74F 3 MI Cav.Dorrview record
Paull, W. W.Bloomfield, NY74D 7 MI Cav.Waylandview record
Pease, Geo. W.74197 OH V. I.view record
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