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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Passenger, P.Mich.684 MI Cav.Shelbyview record
Payne, Wm.Mich.68D 5 MI Cav.Shelbyview record
Penfield, PhiloPenfield, O.68B 1 OH L. A.Shelbyview record
Perriman (?), A. O.N H682 ME BatteryBenonaview record
Perrin, Burchfield G.Wirthm???er, Penn.68G 100 PA Inf.Benonaview record
Pittenger, BeerWarren Co., O.68B 42 OHShelbyview record
Pittinger, A.Ohio68K 8 OH Inf.Shelbyview record
Pitts, F. A.Rochester, NY68M 10 MI Cav.Shelbyview record
Rabins (Robins?), J. Q.Pa.68B 15Shelbyview record
Randall, Edwin S.Norristown, NY68C 13 MINeweraview record
Randell, J. D.NY68A 13 MI Inf.Shelbyview record
Rathbone, Jas.Ohio68E 3 MI Cav.Ferryview record
Rathbone, LegrandOhio68D 10 MI Cav.Shelbyview record
Reamer, W. H.Heckmer Co., NY68G 24 NY I.Shelbyview record
Reamer, William H.Herkimer Co., NY68G 26 NY Inf.Shelbyview record
Richardson, C. H.Michigan68E 15 MI Inf.Shelbyview record
Robbins, John Q.Washington Co., Pa.68B 15 PAShelbyview record
Rounds, L. A.Fredonia, NY68D 8 OH Inf.Shelbyview record
Sabin, RansonCourtland, NY68B 3 OH Cav.Shelbyview record
Satterlee, W. A.Greenwich, NY68F 16 NY H. A.Shelbyview record
Satterly, W. A.Greenwich, NY68F 16 NY Art.Shelbyview record
Scott, Edward S.Ashtabula Co., NY68B 9 MI Cav.Ferryview record
Segar, A.NY68H 22 NY C.Shelbyview record
Segar (Seager), AdamNY68H 22 NY C.Shelbyview record
Shafer, Wm. P.Penna.68A 26 MI Inf.Benonaview record
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