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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Casson, JohnCanada67G 93 NY Inf.Bay Cityview record
Castlon, TodyCanada67B 186 Ny Inf.West Bay Cityview record
Catlin, James E.NY67G 17 US Inf.Bay Cityview record
Catlin, Sam'l M.New York67H 3 MI Cav.Bay Cityview record
Chamberlin, Geo. W.NY67G 1 WI Inf.W. Bay Cityview record
Chapman, Dan'lSteuben Co., NY67F 23 MI Inf.view record
Chase, John H.NY67K 8 MI Cav.Bay Cityview record
Christian, Wm. E.New York67G 8 MI Inf.Bay Cityview record
Clark, NewcombSullivan Co., NY67K 14 MI Inf.West Bay Cityview record
Clark, Wm.Manchester, NY67A 2 MI Cav.Bay Cityview record
Clarke, Adam C.Virginia67B 2 MI Inf.West Bay Cityview record
Coats, JosephMiss.67E 52 US ColoredBay Cityview record
Cobb, Geo. P.67K 5 MI Cav.view record
Cochell, Stephen A.67view record
Collier, J. H.Ohio67L 4 MI Cav.Escodaview record
Collier, JohnMedina, O.67L 4 MI Cav.Bay Cityview record
Collins, Chester L.Ohio67A 47 IA Inf.Bay Cityview record
Conklin, B.679 NY H. A.view record
Cook, Aaron J.New York67F 148 NY Inf.Bay Cityview record
Cook, John J.Harrison Co., Ohio67C 124 IL Inf.Conwayview record
Cook, JonathonMich.67E 7 OH Inf.Bay Cityview record
Cooper, Luke H.Ireland6711 MI Inf.West Bay Cityview record
Corey, Henry C.Penn.67B 3 MI Cav.Bay Cityview record
Corey, Henry R.Mich.67B 3 MI Cav.Bay Cityview record
Crane, Wm. B.Conn.67K 17 CT Inf.Bay Cityview record
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