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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Sickels, Wm. B.Penn.65B 177 OHJonesview record
Siegel, H.Canada65G 13 MINewbergview record
Siegel (Seagle), HenryPenn.65G 13 OH Inf.Porterview record
Smith, ChanceyMich.65I 6 MI H. A.Jonesview record
Squires, Harton M.Mich.65D 1 MI Inf.Jonesview record
Stanard, Nathan G.Mich.65C 147 IL Inf.Porterview record
Storey, Wm.65A 24 MI Inf.view record
Thomas, Sherwood65view record
Thomas, W. M.Mich.65H 2 MI Cav.Jonesview record
Thomas, Wm.Ny65H 2 MI Cav.Jonesview record
Thompkins, Jabez S.65B 177 OH Inf.Jonesview record
Trattles, DanielEngland65G 19 MI Inf.Jonesview record
Tutton, CharlesEngland65C 6 MI Inf.Jonesview record
Watson, J. C.Penn.65I 193 OHJonesview record
Weed, CharlesNY65H 24 MIPorterview record
Wells, John A.Mich.65A 11 MI Inf.Newbergview record
Wing, I. E.Mich.65E 13 MI Inf.Fabiusview record
Youngs, JacksonOhio65B 124 OH Inf.Newbergview record
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