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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
King, FrancesGenesee, Mich.63G 1 MI L. A.Tawas Cityview record
Lake, AmosOntario, Canada63K 4 MI Cav.Tawas Twp.view record
Latham, F. W.Penna.63F 2 KS Cav.Grant Twp.view record
Leaning, HenryLondon, England63I 57 NY Inf.East Tawasview record
Legacy, Wm.New York63D 10 NY Art.Tawas Cityview record
Libby, Melvin S.Bangor, Maine63Wanash & othersEast Tawasview record
Livermore, EdwardMacomb, Mich.63I 10 MI Inf.Alabasterview record
Lyon, J. M.New York63A 94 NY V.Tawas Cityview record
Marr, B. F.Canada63E 23 MIEast Tawasview record
McConnell, Thos.Rochester, NY63Ind. 18 NY Art.East Tawasview record
McDonald, HughAtlantic Ocean63G 1 PA RiflesEast Tawasview record
McWhorter, John R.New York63D 50 NY Eng.East Tawasview record
Mumford, Charles63East Tawasview record
Ney, H. E.Onondaga, NY63L 22 MI Inf.E. Tawasview record
Nightingale, H. O.63East Tawasview record
North, Cornelius63view record
O Dell, IraWoodhull, NY63H 45 PA Inf.McIvorview record
Oakie, Benj. F.Oldtown, Maine63I 18 ME InfEast Tawasview record
Patterson, James63F 4 MI Cav.view record
Platt, Reuben W.Detroit, Mich.63B 9 MD Vols.East Tawasview record
Platt, Reuben W.63B 63 MD Vols.view record
Pomeroy, J. T.63view record
Pratt, R. E.63view record
Quinn, JamesKelly's Isld, O.63C 24 OH Inf.Oscodaview record
Raitchie, ThomasHolland63H 16 NY H. A.view record
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