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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Dailey, James W.Ohio6C 128 OH V.I.Hillsdaleview record
Dean, JohnEngland6H 4 MI Inf.Jeromeview record
Delaney, J.Fulton Co., NY6M 8 Mi Cav.Hillsdaleview record
Derthick, ByronRandolph, OH6G 64 OH V.I.Ransomview record
Derthick, ByronMedina, OH6G 64 OH VIHillsdaleview record
Deuel, Lewis6F 18 MI Inf.view record
Dickenson, M. M.6view record
Dickerman, AlbertNew York6E 105 OH Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Dickinson, Egbert O.Ellenville, NY6C 4 MI Cav.Hillsdaleview record
Dillon, LumanFramington, NY6K 4 MI Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Dillon, Lyman6K 4 MI Inf.Jeffersonview record
Dobson, G. W.England6D 7 MI Cav.Leitchfieldview record
Easling, EdwardYates Co., NY6A 8 NY Cav.Hillsdaleview record
Eastwood, JohnOhio6F 100 OH Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Eldred, Horace H.Michigan6G 16 MI Inf.Allenview record
Elko, JohnColumbiana, OH6A 29 INHillsdaleview record
Ellis, Byron E.New York67 MI Inf.Allenview record
Ellis, GilbertStae of New York6K 27 MI Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Elwood, C. S.Nunda, NY6F 26 MI Inf.Hillsdaleview record
Elwood, Charles S.6A 2 MI Vet. Inf.view record
Elwood, Charles S.Livingston, NY6F 26 MI Inf.Hillsdaleview record
English, A. H.6view record
English, A. H.6view record
English, A. H.Cayuga Co., NY6K 4 Mi Inf.Hillsdaleview record
English, Martin J.6B 6 MI Cav.view record
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