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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Lewis, Wm. W.54view record
Long, Henry54Libertyview record
Marcellus, AndrewNY54K 13 MI Inf.Mantonview record
Marcellus, AndrewNew York54K 13 MI Inf.Gilbertview record
Matteson, Abner L.54Greenwoodview record
McClain, John H.Bloomfield54E 21 MI Inf.Colfaxview record
McClain, OrminusPaulding Co., O.54H 8 MI Inf.Bion (?)view record
McFarlan, H. C.54view record
McGinnis, JamesFayette Co., Ohio54H 13 IN IMantonview record
McLane, C. J.Ohio54E 7 MI Cav.Mantonview record
McManamy, A. P.Virginia54A 6 MI V.Mantonview record
Mears, Wm54D 25 MI InfMantonview record
Mezer, H. C.54view record
Miller, W. A.Mich.54F 30 MI Inf.Mantonview record
Miller, Wm. A.Mich.54F 3 MI Inf.Greenwoodview record
Mingus, EzraiamPa.54G 12 IN Cav.Colfaxview record
Monroe, D. B.Ohio54F 66 OH V IMantonview record
Moore, George S.Ohio541 OH Ind. Bat.Mantonview record
Morgan, EdwardNew York54G 23 NY Inf.Mantonview record
Morgan, EdwardSteuben Co., NY54G 23 NY Inf.Mantonview record
Morgan, Edward54M 10 MI Cav.view record
Morris, James54view record
Newton, Henry54view record
Northrup, WilliamNJ54I 9 OH C.Mantonview record
Palmer, WellingtonNew York54C 29 OH Inf.Mantonview record
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