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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Peaks, Samuel L.England50E 21 MI Inf.Coralview record
Sayles, Lyman A.Keene, M.50H 3 MI V. I.Lowelview record
Shook, Sr., DanielDuchess Co., NY50E 10 MI V. C.Coralview record
Smith, Israel K.Conewange50G 12 IACoralview record
Smith, L. R.Greece, NY50M 11 MI V. I.Coralview record
Stark, Jas. E.50A 6 Mi C.Coralview record
Stevens, Newell S.Baursfals?, Vt.50A 10 VT Inf.Howard Cityview record
Stewart, Sam'lPenn.50F 206 PACoralview record
Streeter, Charles B.Monroe Co., NY50K 13 MI V. I.Woodlakeview record
Stryker, E. H.Trumball Co., O.50F 21 MI V. I.Maple Valleyview record
Tortilett, Geo. W.Ohio50F 4 OH Cav.Spencerview record
Vankoughnett, Lester H.Canada50A 2 MI Cav.Coralview record
Warren, Geo. L.Battle Creek50B 24 MI I.Coralview record
Wedderburn, JohnCanada50C 3 NY Cav.Coralview record
Weyant, James A.N. Y. City50K 19 NYCoralview record
Wilson, OtisStueben Co., NY50H 21 MI V. I.Coralview record
Wiseman, GeorgeVirginia50F 141 OH Vol.Coralview record
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