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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Loveridge, Seth W.NY46H 13 MI Inf.Gangesview record
Lyman, E. G.Ohio46C 9 MI Inf.Cascoview record
Marshall, JamesOhio46B 53 IN Inf.Cascoview record
Mcarty, C. E.Ohio46B 13 MI Inf.Clydeview record
McCormick, G. W.Indiana46E 8 IN Vol.Gangesview record
McCormick, Wm. H.46A 3 MI Cav.view record
McDonald, JohnLenox46I 3 MI Inf.Douglasview record
McLellan, DonaldCanada46D 19 IL Inf.Gangesview record
Meldrum, RobertColumbus, Ohio46B 13 MI Inf.Gangesview record
Miller, AdamRochester, NY46B 13 MI Inf.Gangesview record
Miller, JosephNY46B 13 MI V. I.Gangesview record
Munger, Andrew J.46view record
Munger, Sulvester46view record
O'Brien, EdwardEngland4617 IL Cav.Gangesview record
Oliver, H. B.Niagra, NY46B 13 MI Inf.Saugatuckview record
Oliver, Henry B.New York46Fenvilleview record
Oliver, Wm.46view record
Orr, John J.NY46M 3 MI Cav.Clydeview record
Orr, MatthewNew York46F 8 MI Cav.Gangesview record
Orr, WilliamNew York46F 8 MI Cav.Gangesview record
Payne, Robert46G 6 MI H. A.view record
Penfold, Edward46view record
Pullman, H. F.Canada46B 19 MI Inf.Fernvilleview record
Reams, IsaiahIndiana46B 10 MI Inf.Spring Groveview record
Reed, SamuelCanada46M 3 MI Cav.Gangesview record
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