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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Bryan, T. W.Cambridge, O.45G 11 MI Inf.Doverview record
Buck, F. J.NY City45I 27 MI Inf.Adrianview record
Buck, Francis M.New York45I 1 MI E&MAdrianview record
Burr, Daniel C.New York45H 1 MI Eng.Adrianview record
Burr (Barr), L. R.Monroe, NY45G 12 MI Inf.Adrianview record
Burton, J. W.45F 67 OH Inf.view record
Butrick, R. P.Franklin, Mich.45A 178 NY Inf.Adrianview record
Camburn, HarmonFranklin, Mich.45D 2 MI Inf.Adrianview record
Carman, C. E.State of New York45B 100 OH Vol.Adrianview record
Carman, C. E.Sand Lake, NY45D 130 OH V. Inf.Adrianview record
Carney, James M.Dansville, NY45I 7 MI Cav.Adrianview record
Carpenter, Chas. A.Mich.45D 11 MI Cav.Adrianview record
Carpenter, J. W.45F 9 MI Cav.Westonview record
Champinois, L.Otsego, NY45B 9 MI Cav.Adrianview record
Chapin, Chas. L.New York45A 24 NY Inf.Adrianview record
Chase, Isaac M.Hillsdale, Mich.45E 4 MI Inf.Adrianview record
Chase, Isaac M.45K 27 MI Inf.view record
Cheever, John M.Canada West45C 18 MI V. I.Fairfieldview record
Chew, N. D.45A 133 IN Vol. Inf.view record
Christman, Henry C.New York45M 1 MI E&MRome Centerview record
Chulip, Henry45E 55 OH V. I.view record
Church, O. H.Brunswick, O.45A 124 OH Inf.Adrianview record
Clark, A. C.Cleveland, O.45A 12 IN Inf.Adrianview record
Clark, Alonzo C.45I 18 MI Inf.Adrianview record
Clark, HenryEngland45F 18 MIRome Centerview record
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