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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Heath, H. S.New York43B 18 MI Inf.Blissfieldview record
Heath, W. H. H.New York43K 1 NY V. Inf.Blissfieldview record
Heiser, ConradGermany43D 111 OH V. I.Rigaview record
Hendee, N. S.Spencer, Ohio43B 124 OH V. I.Blissfieldview record
Henry, M. P.Ohio437 MI V. C.Blissfieldview record
Hoagland, Homer V.Rigeway, Mich.43G 4 MI Vol. Inf.Brittonview record
Hobert, LutherNY43F 26 MI V. I.Whitefordview record
Huntington, J. J.Mich.43C 9 MI V. I.Blissfieldview record
Jaroe, E.Vermont43E 10 VT Inf.Blissfieldview record
Jones, FrankG. B.43E 177 OH V. I.Blissfieldview record
Kemberling, IsaacPenn.43D 11 IL Inf.Blissfieldview record
Labounty, ChancyOhio43D 123 OH V. I.Blissfieldview record
Lamley, DavidGermany43B 18 MI V. I.Blissfieldview record
Lamont, HughOhio43C 67 IL I.Blissfieldview record
Langless, JamesNY43L 1 MI E&MBlissfieldview record
Lathrop, L. C.Pike Holler, NY43G 130 OH Inf.Blissfieldview record
Leach, Wm. M.Ohio43C 4 MI Cav.Blissfieldview record
Malery, NelsonNew York43H 11 MIRigaview record
Manwaring, H.Conn.43K 18 MI V. I.Ottawa Lakeview record
Manwaring, HenryConn.43K 18 MI V. I.Rigaview record
McCann, W. D.NY43B 130 OH V. I.Blissfieldview record
McDonald, FowlerWilliams Co., O.43A 189 Oh V. I.Blissfieldview record
Mennier, Benj.Ohio43I 41 OH V. I.Blissfieldview record
Miller, A. A.Cleaveland, OH43H 15 MI Inf.Blissfieldview record
Miller, C. J.Germany43D 10 OH C.Blissfieldview record
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