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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Holcomb, Harlow M.New York4K 11 MI Inf.Readingview record
Hoolihan, Wm.NY City427 MI Inf. 2nd SSReadingview record
Hoskins, JohnPennsylvania41 MI Cav.Readingview record
Hoyt, ClarkNorwalk, OH4F 10 OH Cav.Readingview record
Hubbard, LukeVan Buren, NY4L 9 NY HAReadingview record
Jaggar, Joseph H.Ohio4E 4 US Inf.Readingview record
Jenkins, Wm. H.Orange Co., NY4D 16 OH Inf.Readingview record
Johnson, Geo. H.Indiana4K 12 IN Inf.Readingview record
Kellogg, A. B.Ohio43 IA BatteryWhiteview record
Kellogg, S. H.Reading, MI4G 2 MI Cav.Readingview record
Kelly, DanielGroveland, NY4G 8 NY Cav.Readingview record
Kesslring, GeorgeCanada4C 15 MI Inf.Readingview record
Kidder, E. P.Reading, MI4E 139 IL Inf.Readingview record
King, W. J.Erie Co.4C 64 NY Inf.Readingview record
King, Wm. T.Collins, Erie Co.NY4C 64 NY Inf.Readingview record
Kiser, StephenCambria, NY4M 5 MI Cav.Alganseeview record
Lane, R. D.Ohio4I 18 MI Inf.Cambriaview record
Laraway, MyronAdrian, MI4M 11 MI Cav.Readingview record
Lathrop, John W.New York4C 1 MI SSReadingview record
Lawton, Amos DAugusta, MI4L 7 MI Cav.Readingview record
Lent, JamesOhio4G 44 IN Inf.Readingview record
Lewis, J. H.Viena, NY4F 18 MI Inf.Readingview record
Lindsey, A.Muskuja, OH4I 11 OH Inf.Woodbridgeview record
Martin, J. H.Parma4H MI M&EReadingview record
McElheme, William P.Sandusky, OH4L 11 MI Cav.Clear Lakeview record
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