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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Odell, G. N.Ohio39I 6 MIOronoko Tpview record
Palmater, A.Mich.39K 11 MIOronokoview record
Perkins, H. W.Ind.39E 12 MIBerrien Springsview record
Potts, Jonas39Berrien Springsview record
Prettyman, BurtonDel.39A 1 L. A.Berrien Springsview record
Priddy, Thomas F.Ohio39B 192 OHBerrien Springsview record
Reece, C. B.39Eau Claireview record
Reed, OtisMass.39I 24 MI Inf.Oronoko Tpview record
Reiber, W. F.Penna3947 PAMich.view record
Rouse, Gideon F.NY39D 23 IL Inf.Buchananview record
Shriber, Rhinehardt39view record
Shunkweiler, Wm. F.Huntington Co., Pa.39C 25 MI Inf.Oronokoview record
Skinner, JamesElkhart. Ind.39C 155 INBerrien Springsview record
Slade, AlphonzMass.39F 49 WI Inf.Oronokoview record
Slight, Barrett L.Ohio3921 IN BatteryBerrien Springsview record
Smith (?), Milo39view record
Snavely, S. N.Delphine, Pa.39C 19 I.Berrien Springsview record
St. John, LutherMich.39I 12 MIBerrien Springsview record
Stannard, Almand G.Mass.39I 9 MIOronoko Tpview record
Stephens, AllenNY39G 1 MI S. S.Berrien Springsview record
Stevens, ThomasEau Clair39EEau Clairview record
Stinebeck, B.39view record
Strong, Charles W.Conn.39K 25 MILake Twp.view record
Stubbs, Martin L.Maryland39H 126 PA Vol. Inf.Berrien Springsview record
Tryon, Wm. H.NY39C 6 MI Cav.Berrien Springsview record
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