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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Eggleston, HiramAnn Arbor, Mich.37H 1 MI L. A.Stantonview record
Eitelbuss, Geo.Germany37B 16 MI Inf.Paloview record
Entrian, Geo. W.Oakland Co., Mich.37K 21 MIDouglass Twp.view record
Erridge, AlbertKent, England37D 89 NY Inf.Evergreenview record
Estes, W. E.Waterloo, NY37L 10 MI Cav.Stantonview record
Fay, Thos.Ann Arbor, Mich.37H 26 MI I.Stantonview record
Felton, SmithMonroe Co., Mich.37B 6 MI Cav.Day Twp.view record
Fero, DanielLivingston Co., NY37E 6 MI Inf.Stantonview record
Finch, Thos. S.Conn.37A 18 MIStantonview record
Fisher, Joseph H.Ohio37Frigate OronokStantonview record
Fisher, Wm. C.Perrysburg, O.37C 21 OH V. I.Stantonview record
Gage, Wm. B.New York37C 3 NY L. A.Stantonview record
Gale, H. H.England37G 5 NY Inf.Stantonview record
Gates, G. H.NY37I 109 NYnear Stantonview record
Gates, UriahNew York37B 90 NY Inf.Stantonview record
Gettings, James A.Plimoth, O.37B 1 IA Inf.Stantonview record
Gideon, JohnFuller Co., Ohio37A 38 OH Inf.Stantonview record
Goodenough, Erwin W.Monroe Co., NY37D 9 MI I.Stantonview record
Goren, Thomas M.Wyoming Co., NY37C 13 MI I.Sheridanview record
Griffin, PatrickBuffalo, NY37B 12 NY Inf.Stantonview record
Groom, John H.Shelby,Orleans Co NY37L 10 MI Cav.Crystalview record
Grooms, John C.New York37A 123 NY V. I.Stantonview record
Grosh, AaronMaryland37D 28 IL V. I.Six Lakesview record
Hall, JohnCanada37A 9 MI Inf.Stantonview record
Hallett, HebronCayuga Co., NY37L 10 MI Cav.Sidneyview record
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