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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Dodge, H. J.Wisconsin35K 33 WI Inf.Cascoview record
Donahue, E.Middlebury, Vt.35L 8 MI Cav.South Havenview record
Donahue, J. S.Vermont35E 7 MI Inf.South Havenview record
Donahue, James S.Vermont35E 7 MI Inf.South Havenview record
Dow, H. C.Penn.35St. U. S. GrantCascoview record
Dunner, JohnGermany35B 147 NY Inf.South Havenview record
Dusenburg, C. J.Wayne Co., NY35A 9 NY H. A.Genevaview record
Dyckman, B. H.New York35C 3 MI VolsSouth Havenview record
Dyer, W. T.Vermont35H 28 MI Inf.South Havenview record
Earl, A. W.Michigan35K 13 MI Inf.South Havenview record
Eby, Geo. W.Hamburg, Canada35K 6 MI Inf.South Havenview record
Eddy, J. P.NY35B 44 INAlleganview record
Edmonds, E. B.Canadia35K 42 IL Inf.South Havenview record
Eittel, JohnBryan, Ohio35I 86 OHLacotaview record
Ely, J.New Jersey35C 100 OH Inf.South Havenview record
Emmel, ConradDetroit, Mich.35Ship NiagraSouth Havenview record
Estabrook, A. E.Illinois35H 10 IL Inf.South Havenview record
Everett, E. J.Pa.35H 38 WI Inf.South Havenview record
Feegles, D. F.New York35H 10 WI Inf.South Havenview record
Fenton, A. W.New York35I 142 IL Inf.South Havenview record
Finch, MathewRensler, Co., NY35M 4 MI Cav.South Havenview record
Firman, J. B.New York35E 105 Il Vols.South Havenview record
Fitch, H. D.Green Co., NY35D 25 WI Inf.Cascoview record
Fitch, James P.New York35K 38 WI Inf.Cascoview record
Fletcher, W. W.Vermont35C 6 US Cav.South Havenview record
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