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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Lindsley, JosephNew York34I 2 MI Cav.Otsegoview record
Livingston, NeilScotland34B 19 MI Inf.Otsegoview record
Longnecker, AddisonPenna.34F 45 OH V. I.Otsegoview record
Lowe, DavidScotland3413 MI Inf.Otsegoview record
Martin, G. A.Ohio34B 19 MI Inf.Otsegoview record
Martin, J. B.Ohio34K 182 OH V. I.Otsegoview record
Merriam, James E.34view record
Mill, Garretson D.34view record
Millard, John B.34view record
Monroe, Wm.Butler, Ny34I 28 MIOtsegoview record
Monteith, W. J.341 MI Vet. Cav.view record
Montgomery, J. S.Ohio34D 100 NY Vol.Otsegoview record
Myers, A. J.Lyons, NY34K 19 MI I.Otsegoview record
Myers, C.Ohio34G 6 MIOtsegoview record
Norton, DavidOhio34G 5 MI I.Otsegoview record
Norton, Francis H.Ohio34C 19 MI Inf.Otsegoview record
Palmer, M. A.34view record
Parrish, RalphNew York34C 15 MI Inf.Otsegoview record
Patterson, WilliamDetroit34G 16 MI Vol.Otsegoview record
Patton, Geo.34Otsegoview record
Pratt, Elisha E.Pittsfield, Mich.34E 8 MI Cav.Otsegoview record
Pullen, Wm. W.New York34A 3 MI Cav.Otsegoview record
Rahm, Chas.Germany34I 169 NY I.Otsegoview record
Reynolds, C. E.L ---?34I 19 MI I.Otsegoview record
Ritter, J. C.Penn.34E 101 OH Inf.Otsegoview record
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