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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Jay, MosesEssex Co., NY33A 67 OH Inf.Medina, Mich.view record
Jibb, JohnEngland33I 18 MI Inf.Morenciview record
Jones, Nat.Summit, Ohio33I 1 MI Art.Morenciview record
Jones, NathanielSumit, Ohio33I MI L. A.Morenciview record
Judd, Stephen H.New York33D 195 NY Inf.Morenciview record
Keefer, DanielPa.33K 14 OHMorenciview record
Kigar, EliasVerginia33A 68 OHChesterfield, Ohioview record
Kiger, SamuelVirginia33B 184 OH Inf.Doverview record
Kricier (Cricer), EdwardPa.33E 4 MIGorham, Ohioview record
Lake, Jno. A.Putnam, O.33I 49 OH V. I.Gorham, Oview record
Layton, ZachariahBeaver, Pa.33I 1 MI Art.Morenciview record
Leggett, EustaceOhio33H 3 OH V. C.Chesterfield, Ohioview record
Lewis, H. G.N. York33F 11 MI Inf.Morenciview record
Marlatt, WellingtonMich.33E 1 MOMorenciview record
Martin, Chas.33B 182 OH V. I.view record
Mattun, J. Perry33view record
McDuffie, Dexter M.NY33D 11 MI Cav.Morenciview record
Metcalf, AmosHanson Co., Ohio33Not assignedMorenciview record
Miller, Jacob H.Penn.33F 155 IN Inf.Morenciview record
Mitchell, Wm. L.Buffalo, NY33E 1 MI S. S.Medina, M.view record
Morgan, D. B.Ohio33C 86 OH Inf.Morenciview record
Morgan, J. G.Oakland Co., Mich.33G 8 MI Cav.Morenciview record
Neggus, G. W.Mass.33F 11 MIMorenciview record
Oldfield, Geo. B.Ohio33B 182 OH Inf.Morenciview record
Onweller, William33view record
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