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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Holloway, James25view record
Houser, Adam M.Alegany co., Mich.25D 166 OH NGOgden Centerview record
Hunt, Wm.Ohio25K 128 OH V.I.Ogden T.view record
Jenkins, WilliamUlster Co., O.25B 3 OH V.Ogden Centerview record
Jurdon, Benjamin W.25I 6 NY Art.view record
Kellog, Martin H.St. Lawrence, NY25H 41 OH V.I.Ogdenview record
Kelly, OzealOhio25C 18 MI Inf.Palmyraview record
Lane, SolonLucas Co., O.25G 123 OH V.I.Matamoraview record
Larkins, SmithFairfield, M.25I 13 MI V.I.Somerset, Hillsdale Co.view record
Lee, JayOgden25K 11 MI Inf.Palmyraview record
Leslie, GeorgeNY25B 189 OH V. I.Fairfieldview record
Lewis, EliLeroy Co., O.25G 100 OH V.I.Ogdenview record
Lockey, John25L 12 US Inf.Fairfieldview record
Marshall, B.Defiance, O.25E 86 OH V.I.Fairfieldview record
Marshall, William H.Ontario Co., NY25C 18 MI Inf.Ogden Centerview record
Mason, EzlonMich.25I 18 MI V. I.Fairfieldview record
Mason (?), L. Q (?)25view record
Mathias, SamDover, O.25D 111 OH V. I.Ogdenview record
Maybee, John C.NY25I 18 MI Inf.Fairfieldview record
Mays, JacobOgden, Va.25D 3 WV V.I.Ogdenview record
McKinney, BenjaminVirginia25E 6 WV Cav.Ogden Centerview record
McMahon, M. H.Scotland25G 5 NY V.I.Palmyraview record
Metty, AndrewMonroe Co., Mich.25F 7 MI Cav.Ogdenview record
Mitchell, James25view record
Myers, Wm. B.Summit Co., O.25C 18 MI Inf.Madisonview record
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