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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Hamilton, FranklinMich.22L 1 MI L. A.Daytonview record
Hanley, Geo.Tompkins Co., NY22A 67 OH Inf.Niles Twp.view record
Hanover, JohnNiles, Mich.22G 1 MI SSNilesview record
Hanover, JohnNiles, Mich.22G 1 MI SSBuchananview record
Haskin, Harvey H.Mercer, Pa.22K 25 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Helmick, EliBerrien Co., Mich.22C 25 MI Inf.Oronoko Twp.view record
Hensley, Samuel W.Stanstead, Canada22K 56 MA Inf.Bakertownview record
Hill, DavidMich.22K 25 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Hines, Walter I.Boston, Mass.22D 1 MA Cav.Berrien Springsview record
Hobart, Henry R.Whitehall, Vt.22E 2 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Huf, MarionNew York22C 13 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Humes, Thomas H.22G 8 IL Inf.Buchananview record
Hurlburt, Wm. F.Akron, Oh.22B 9 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Hurlbuttt, Wm. F.Akron, O.22B 9 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Ingersoll, Monroe2212 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Jackson, John W.Windham Co., Vt.22F 1 MA Cav.Buchananview record
Jennings, Darius E.22view record
Juday, Harvey H.Berrien Co.22K 25 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Keener, HenryDark Co., Ohio22B 71 OH Inf.Buchananview record
Kelley, Wm. H.New York222 MI Cav.Buchananview record
Kirkindall, VanRichland, Ohio22C 12 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Kline, Henry A.Allentown, Pa.22K 151 PA Inf.Buchananview record
Koons, Elijah E.Greenville, Tenn.22B 89 IN Inf.Buchananview record
Kramer, GotliebGermany22G 9 MI Inf.Buchananview record
Kramer, GottleibWurtenburg, Germany22G 9 MI Inf.Lakeview record
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