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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Lamson, TrumanNew York20E 56 IL Inf.Hartfordview record
Langley, Z. B.Miama co., Ohio20A 12 MI V.V. Inf.Berrien Co., Mich.view record
Leahy, Wm.20I L. A.Hartfordview record
Leslie, HoraceSullivan, NH20B 28 MI V. I.Bangorview record
Letson, OsmerNew York20G 19 MI Inf.McDonaldview record
Lobdill, WillisOhio20H 1 MI E&MHartfordview record
Lyon, Leroy A.Covington, KY20I 87 OH Inf.Hartfordview record
Marcelus, AndrewLewis Co., NY20K 13 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Martin, JohnCanada20I 23 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Mather, CharlesOrleans Co., NY20K 1 MI Cav.Hartfordview record
McAllister, EzraSt. Lawrence Co., NY20G 28 MI Inf.Lawrenceview record
McAlpine, JohnOrange, NY20D 66 IL Vol. Inf.Keelerview record
McFadden, ColanderPenn.20G 26 OH Inf.Hartfordview record
McNeal, Thos. J.New York20C 8 NY Art.Bangorview record
Meacham, SimeonMedina Co., Ohio20K 1 MI Cav.Hartfordview record
Meredith, A. A.20A 22 PA Cav.view record
Mills, Wm. R.Wayne Co., NY20E 1 MI Cav.Hartfordview record
Mitchell, AlonzoChatauqua co., NY20I 28 MI Inf.Hartfordview record
Moore, NathanNew London, Conn.20155 V.R.C.Hartfordview record
Morrell, EdwinEngland201 OH Indep Bat.Watervleitview record
Murdick, I. H.Penn.20H 80 IN Inf.Hartfordview record
Nelson, Horace W.Plainfield, NY20C 2 NY H. A.Keelerview record
Nickerson, E. R.20Hartfordview record
Nutting, LymanHenderson, NY20F 14 NY H. Art.Hartfordview record
Nutting, SimeonJefferson Co., NY20D 20 NY Cav.Hartfordview record
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