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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Donner, Geo.Canada18B 94 NY Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Donner, L.New York18B 94 NY Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Dunbottom, RileyMic.18C 99 INOld Missionview record
Durgen, Wm. R.New York18M 10 MI Cav.Acmeview record
Eckler, W. H.18E 17 Mi Inf.view record
Eckman, J. W.Ohio18I 8 MI Inf.Binghamview record
Edgcomb, Rob18E 102 OH V. I.view record
Eggleston, JamesInd.1828 MI Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Eiman, J. B.Ohio18G 30 INOld Missionview record
Elmendorf, A.Ind.18H 151 INTraverse Cityview record
Escott, Henry18view record
Fairbanks, Z.New York18E 5 WI Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Fairbanks, Z. C.New York18E 5 WI Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Feiger, Phillip18view record
Fergerson, W. R.New York18I 5 Mi Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Finch, NaisonNew York18E 2 MI Cav.Grawnview record
Finn, WarrenAllen Co., Ohio18C 19 OH Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Fitch, Thos.Austria18USS Grand GulfTraverse Cityview record
Forrest, R. J.PA18H 47 PAMonroe Centerview record
Foss, H. M.Vermont18B 8 VT Inf.Traverse Cityview record
Fouch, JohnOhio18B 169 OH Nat. GuardTraverse Cityview record
Fowler, Jr., C.VT18B 1 MI Inf.Old Missionview record
Franklin, S.Mich18G 1 MI L. A.Old Missionview record
Frazer, Carley W.Lindon, Mich.18E 1 MI Inf.Hannahview record
Freeman, Geo. D.PA18G 53 PA Inf.Traverse Cityview record
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