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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Barlow, AdolphGermany17C 5 MI Inf.Detroitview record
Barnard, Theo. C.Waterbury, Con.17G 20 CT Inf.Detroitview record
Barnes, A. G.Syracuse, NY17B 24 MIDelrayview record
Barney, M. C.Genessee Co., Mich.17C 10 MI Inf.Detroitview record
Barringer, HiramTroy, NY17A 148 NY Inf.Brandon Ave, Springwellsview record
Barrows, DavidLivonia, NY17M 1 MI E&MPerrinvilleview record
Barrows, M. W.Vermont17I 2 MI Cav.374 Cass Ave., Detroitview record
Barry, EdwardIreland17I 8 MI Cav.Detroitview record
Barry, Thos. J.England1716 MI V. I.Detroitview record
Barry, Wm.Scotland17M 9 MI Cav.Detroitview record
Barthelmass, John G. F.Edenburg, Ger.17A 1 MI Inf.Detroitview record
Bartlett, C. A.Worcester17G 5 MA Vol.Detroitview record
Basie, F.Michigan17F 62 NY Inf.159 Maple St., Detroitview record
Bassett, Herbert L.Seymour, Conn.17K 8 CT Inf.Detroitview record
Bates, Geo. C.New York17K 122 NY Inf.Detroitview record
Bates, George C.Atlantic Ocean17K 122 NY Inf.562 Croghan St, Detroitview record
Bates, H. C.Conn.17H 11 NY Cav.view record
Bates, Wm. C.De Witt, MI17A 24 MI Inf.Detroitview record
Beach, R. W.Michigan17C 10 MI Cav.303 Prospect, Detroitview record
Beadle, Jas. L.England17A 1 MI Art.255 Harrison Ave, Detroitview record
Beals, Wesley L.Lenox, Mass.17G 29 MA V. V.Detroitview record
Beamish, George H.England, b 11/7/184717D 194 NY Vol. Inf.Detroitview record
Beard, O. T.New York17A 71 NY143 Henry, Detroitview record
Beatty, JohnBrooklyn, NY17A 59 IL I. Vol.Detroitview record
Beck, Hugo17C 103 NY Inf.view record
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