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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Gardner, George W.Penn.16A 80 OH Inf.Searsview record
Gardner, John H.Penna.16A 80 OH Inf.Evartview record
Gibbons, OliverNew York167 WI L. A.Marionview record
Gilbert, Geo. B.England16D 16 MI V. I.Evartview record
Graham, Sam'l H.Michigan16F 9 MI Inf.Evartview record
Granger, John N.Ohio16A 3 OH Inf.Evartview record
Greenwood, LaurenceOhio16H 95 OH V. I.Evartview record
Griffith, Wm.Virginia16C 121 OH V. I.Evartview record
Grim, James L.Oakland Co., MI16E 3 MI Cav.Evartview record
Haling, AndrewNew York16E 20 MI Inf.Searsview record
Haling, AndrewNew York16E 20 MI Inf.Searsview record
Hall, IsaacOhio16D 153 OH V. I.Evartview record
Hanson, John C.Pennsylvania16CavalryEvartview record
Hathaway, ScottMichigan16A 9 MI Inf.Evartview record
Havens, Albert A.Genese Co., MI16F 3 MI Inf.Oseola Co.view record
Head, HenryNew York16G 104 NY Inf.Evartview record
Hicks, Samuel W.New York16F 1 MI E&MEvartview record
Hillis, JohnCanada16K 16 KY V. I.Searsview record
Hoffmeyer, HenryCanada16K 37 Oh Inf.Searsview record
Holmes, James16view record
Holwig, AndrewNew York16E 20 MI Inf.Searsview record
Hoover, Thomas J.Indiana16F 8 IN Inf.Evartview record
Hoover, Thomas J.16F 8 IN Inf.view record
Hotalin, DanielNew York16H 1 NY Cav.Evartview record
Hudson, Charles D.New York State16H 1 NY H. A.Evartview record
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