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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Clark, JohnLorain Co., Ohio14A 11 MI Inf.Pipestoneview record
Classen, Wm. J.Branch, Penn.14G 6 PA Inf.Benton Harborview record
Clauser, SamuelBranch, PA14E 8 PA Inf.Benton Harborview record
Clawson, Geo. W.New York14B 12 MI Inf.Benton Harborview record
Clawson, SullivanOhio14K 11 MI Cav.Pipestoneview record
Clother, R. H.Ont. Canada14F 4 NY H. A.Benton Harborview record
Clyborn, A. L.Michigan14A 12 Mi Inf.Benton Harborview record
Cole, Harrison H.Cisco, NY14M 1 MI Cav.Colomaview record
Collins, Geo. W.Howard, Ohio14M 4 MI Cav.Benton Harborview record
Collins, WilliamDark Co., Ohio14C 50 OH Inf.Pipestoneview record
Cone, Lester14view record
Conklin, Wm. C.New York14I 28 MI Inf.Benton Harborview record
Converse, AlonzoWayne Co., NY14K 7 MI Inf.Benton Harborview record
Cook, Edwin D.New York City141 MI Eng.Benton Harborview record
Cook, Wm. H.New York14G 19 MISodusview record
Cooper, FrancisNew York14G 19 MI Inf.Riversideview record
Corrothers, James R.Auglace, Ohio14G 27 US C. T.Colomaview record
Covell, A. A.Saybrook, Ohio14H 89 IL Inf.Benton Harborview record
Covell, Merritt F.Saybrook, Ohio14C 132 IL Inf.Benton Harborview record
Coveney, John C.Michigan14L BatteryBenton Harborview record
Covill, A. A.Saybrook, Ohio14H 89 IL Inf.Benton Harborview record
Cramer, AdamOhio14I 11 IN Cav.Benton Harborview record
Cray, Michael J.14Ottawa US Navyview record
Crego, I. T.Indiana14B 26 OH Inf.Benton Harborview record
Crocker, WilfordNew York14G 19 MI Inf.Hagerview record
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