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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Hull, Frank H.New York13C 88 OH Inf.Harbor Springsview record
Ingalls, C. A.New Hampshire13K 2 MI Inf.view record
Ingalls, Chas. W.13K 2 Mi Inf.view record
Jacobs, JacobLogan Co. Ohio13K 180 OH Vol. Inf.Harbor Springsview record
Johnson, Francis M.Ohio13A 139 IL Inf.Harbor Springsview record
Johnson, Perry1312 IN Cav.view record
Jones, Alfred L.Ohio13C 84 OH Inf.Harbor Springsview record
Jones, James E.13I 2 MO ZouavesLittle Traverseview record
Jones, WebsterDelaware Co. Ohio13I 38 OH Inf.Pleasantvilleview record
Judd, Chas. E.Connecticut13A 1 MI L. A.view record
Keys, Thos.New York13M 5 NY Art.Harbor Springsview record
Kilpatrick, HughScotland13G 26 MI Inf.Harbor Springsview record
Kilpatrick, JamesScotland13E 3 MI Inf.Harbor Springsview record
King, AdolphGermany13C 45 ILview record
Laberdie, L. A.Canada13E 19 MI Inf.Petoskyview record
Lane, Irving H.Vanburen Co., MI13H 13 MI Inf.Harbor Springsview record
Lawrason, AlonzoCo.Wentworth, Canada13G 7 MI Inf.Harbor Springsview record
Lee, Wm. H.13view record
Llewellyn, Charles D.Wales, England13A 2 PA Cav.Harbor Springsview record
Long, A. T.Indiana13H 30 In Inf.Harbor Springsview record
Long, Asbury T.Montg. Co., IN13H 30 IN Inf.Harbor Springsview record
Losinger, Sylvester J.Tioga Co., PA13H 6 PA ReserveHarbor Springsview record
Lucas, George W.Putnam Co., IN13D 26 IN Inf.Little Traverseview record
Lucas, George W.Putnam Co., IN13D 26 IN Inf.Pleasantviewview record
Lusk, IsaacWayne Co. NY13I 27 NY Inf.Maple Riverview record
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