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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Matoon, G. W.New York11E 6 MI Cav.Shiawasseeview record
McCollum, DanielGreece, KY ?11K 9 MI Inf.Shiawasseeview record
McCune, Ambrose M.11I 17 NY Inf.Vernonview record
McDivitt, W. S.11view record
Miner, GeorgeBattle Creek, MI11K 10 MI Inf.Bancroftview record
Morris, Joseph W.Niaggra1119 NY BatteryShiawasseeview record
Morris, Samuel S.State of New York11C 93 NY Inf.Shiawasseeview record
Morris, Wayne E.Toledo, OH11A 23 MI Inf.Bancroftview record
Morse, IsaacMichigan11K 9 MIBancroftview record
Norton, James11view record
Paddock, Anthony H.Wayne,Michigan11H 7 MI Inf.Perryview record
Parker, George A.11view record
Perkins, H. H.11view record
Peterson, SilasLivingston, NY11F 11 MI Inf.Bancroftview record
Platt, Pelton S.11H 10 MI Cav.view record
Putman, FrankShiawassee11F 10 MI Cav.Bancroftview record
Putman, L. I.Michigan11F 10 MI Cav.Corunnaview record
Rice, Hy F.Pennsylvania11G 45 Inf.Shiawasseeview record
Roberts, EvanSouth Wales, England11E 13 MI Inf.Bancroftview record
Rodgers, Chas.New York11G 1 NY Light ArtyShiawassee, MIview record
Rogers, J. P.Ohio11B 150 OH N.G.Bancroftview record
Rust ?, A.New York11D 5 MI Inf.Shiawasseeview record
Seal, Geo. P.England11H 23 MI Inf.Shiawasseeview record
Shattuc, William B.Michigan11C 9 MI Inf.Antrimview record
Skinner, WillisNiagra Co. NY11D 6 MI Cav.Bancroftview record
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