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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Fenna ?, J. A.New York9K 7 MITwp of Denverview record
Ferand (Fessenden), Edmond M.New Hamshire9I 105 PAHesperiaview record
Fessenden, E. M.New Hampshire9I 105 PA Inf.Hesperiaview record
Fisher, AbrahamSouthbend, PA9I 203 PAHesperiaview record
Frink, JosephSaranac, NY9K 12 VT Inf.Hesperiaview record
Gaskill, Richard929 INview record
Gilbert, A. D.Clere Springs, IN9H 44 INHesperiaview record
Gilbert, A. D.? Springs, IN9M 44 INHesperiaview record
Gilbert, WilliamFennesee9I 7 MOHesperiaview record
Gowel, A. C.Mane9D 11 MIDenverview record
Gowel, John D.Maine9A 19 MEDenverview record
Gowell, S. C.Maine9A 43 MA Inf.Denverview record
Green, T. T.Tenn.9A 2 MIHesperiaview record
Haight, E. R.Pennsylvania9B 3 MI I.Hesperiaview record
Haight, E. R.Pennsylvania9B 3 MI Inf.Hesperiaview record
Hamblin, JosephNew York9D 14 NYHesperiaview record
Hamlin, JohnNew York9I 20 NY Cav.Hesperiaview record
Hanson, John R.Brooklyn, NY9K 14 MI Inf.Denverview record
Harris, G. W.Michigan9F 3 MI Inf.Hesperiaview record
Haydon, A. C.Erie, PA9A 1 MI Arty.Hesperiaview record
Haynor, Tobias C.Shelbyville, NY9B 12 IL Inf.Greenwoodview record
Hayward, WilliamMichigan9C 6 MINewfieldview record
Hayward, Wm.Lenawee, MI9C 6 MI Inf.Twp of Newfieldview record
Hebogg (?), ValneyNew York9E 76 NYHesperiaview record
Hess, Chas.9F 35 NJ Inf.view record
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