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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Ferguson, Augustus M.NY75H 22 NY Inf.Grand Havenview record
Finch, RobertEngland75B 1 MI S. S.Grand Havenview record
Fitz Simmons, MichaelIreland75B 147 NY Inf.Fruitportview record
Fordham, Milton C.Monroe Co., NY75A 140 NY Inf.Grand Havenview record
Gardner, EugeneNY75K 1 WI Cav.Grand Havenview record
Gardner, EugeneSteuben Co., NY75K 1 WI Cav.Ottawa Co.view record
Gasper, Joseph S.Orange Co., NY75A 184 NY Inf.Grand Havenview record
Genia, JosephGrand Rapids, Mich.75C 14 MI Inf.Grand Havenview record
Gibbons, Edward H.England75E 23 MI Inf.Robinsonview record
Gibbs, Edison P.Plymouth, Conn.75L 3 MA H. A.Grand Havenview record
Glover, Samuel C.Portsmouth, Ohio75A 39 OH Inf.Grand Havenview record
Goodrich, J. V. B.Pompey, NY75A 8 MI Inf.Grand Havenview record
Granger, Alonzo75C 10 WI Inf.Grand Havenview record
Gregg, Chas. E.75Topo Eng.Nunicaview record
Gregg, Chas. E.75Nunicaview record
Harris, GeorgeKalamazoo Co., Mich.75E 13 MI Inf.Johnsonville (Agnew)view record
Hein, Ernst75H 18 MA Inf.view record
Hindman, Thomas H.Coperstown, NY75I 3 MI Inf.Grand Havenview record
Holmes, Alba L.Lowell, Mass.75C 17 VT Inf.Grand Havenview record
Holmes, Elizur B.Fentonville., Mich.75F 7 MI Inf.Grand Havenview record
Howell, Benjamin R.Columbia75B 20 OH Inf.Grand Havenview record
Hunt, Edwin R.75K 2 NY H. A.view record
Hurless, Martin O.75Grand Havenview record
Isham, Fred W.75D 21 MI Inf.view record
Jackson, John75Polktonview record
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