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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Heydenberk, Wm.Columbia, NY74L 1 MI E&MWaylandview record
Heydenberk, Wm.Columbia, NY74L 1 MI Eng.Waylandview record
Heydenburgh, Geo.Hudson, NY74H 19 MI Inf.Waylandview record
Hicks, DanielHerkimer, NY74A 100 NY V. I.Waylandview record
Hilliard, NathanielOhio74G 142 INWaylandview record
Hines, Peter??????74E 15 MI Inf.Bradleyview record
Hollister, C. H. (R.?)Cuyahoga, O.74E 1 MI ENG.Waylandview record
Hopkins, SilasParkham, O.74G 250 OH I.Waylandview record
Hoyt, I. N.Onondaga, NY74E 1 MI E&MWaylandview record
Hoyt, W. V.Onondaga, NY74D 17 MI Inf.Waylandview record
Hubbell, Orson J.Ohio74B 42 OH Inf.Grand Rapidsview record
Humphrey, J. W.74view record
Huttleston, James74B 13 MI Inf.view record
Ingraham, Asa E.Ohio74179 OH V. I.Waylandview record
Ingraham, Asa E.Granger, Ohio74K 2 OH V. Cav.Waylandview record
Isham, Wm.Goldfar, Con (?)74K 1 MI E&MWaylandview record
Johnson, John J.Ohio74C 12 IN Cav.Waylandview record
Johnson, PerryInd.74C 12 IN Cav.Waylandview record
Jones, Albert74view record
Jordon, ErastusTompkins Co., NY74B 3 NY L. A.Waylandview record
Kenfield, LuciusMedina, Ohio74H 2 OH Cav.Hopkinsview record
Kimball, Job. K.Green, Maine74I 12 MA Inf.Waylandview record
Kitchen, JudsonAmherst, O.74B 14 MI Inf.Waylandview record
Knickerbocker, G. W.Shenango, NY74B 13 MI Inf.Yankee Springsview record
Knockerbocker, H. H.74view record
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