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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Pipper, AndBurr Oak71A 11 MI Cav.Burr Oakview record
Porter, LorenzoSt. JosephCo., M.71Navy SquadronBurr Oakview record
Powers, Chas. E.Colin, Mich.71A 11 MI Inf.Colinview record
Price, F. B.west Beaver, Penn.71H 107 OH Inf.Burr Oakview record
Prouty, James A.Ohio71E 19 MI Inf.Burr Oakview record
Rollman, J. C.Berlin, Germany71K 16 NY Art.Burr Oakview record
Ryan, JamesOhio71M 1 OH BatteryBurr Oakview record
Seymoure, Jay71view record
Shafer, Alex71Fawn Riverview record
Shaw, S. B.NY71G 4 MI Cav.Burr Oakview record
Siggins, PhiletusCrawford Co., Penn.71G 4 MI Cav.Burr Oakview record
Start, EdwardOnondagaCo. NY71C 1 MI Cav.Burr Oakview record
Swartz, Wm.Penn.71A 173 PA Inf.Bronsonview record
Tisdel, IrwinMich.71D 12 MI Inf.Burr Oakview record
Todd, J. A.Onondaga, NY71A 11 MI Inf.Burr Oakview record
Wagner, Henry M.Snider Co., Penn.71I 184 PA Vol.Burr Oakview record
Wait, Dave M.Mich.71C 8 MI Inf.Burr Oakview record
Walker, WilliamSherman71E 19 MIFawn Riverview record
Watson, JoeEngland71A 15 MI Inf.Burr Oalview record
Watson, TheodoreNY71I 1 MI Inf.Burr Oakview record
Wells, HenryOhio71F 1 MI Art.Burr Oakview record
White, OliverSellairs (?), Ohio71A 14 IA Inf.Burr Oakview record
Wilcox, A. A.N York71A 11 MI Cav.Quincyview record
Wilcox, A. A.NY71A 11 MI Cav.Quincyview record
Wilcox, RoswellLivingston Co., NY71G 44 US C. Inf.Burr Oakview record
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