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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Johnson, C. C.Harpenfield, Ohio68K 19 OH Vol Inf.Shelbyview record
Kelly, ThomasChat??? Co., NY68L 8 NY Cav.Shelbyview record
Kenny, EdwardCanada68E 1 MI E&MBenonaview record
Knowlton, James S.Liverpool, Ohio68B 1 MI L. A.Shelbyview record
Landon, B. D.Illinois68H 83 PA Vol.Shelbyview record
Levine, A. O.Mich.68F 42 IL Inf.Shelbyview record
Lewis, Henry S.NY68D 9 NY Cav.Shelbyview record
Lewis, S. E.NY68I 112 NY Vol.Shelbyview record
Little, JohnTennessee68A 1 CO Cav.Shelbyview record
Logan, John M.Ohio68D 21 OH Inf.Shelbyview record
Manning, WalterNewhampshire68L 2 IL Art.Benonaview record
Marvin, J. N.Pine Lake, Mich.68C 17 IN Inf.Benonaview record
McKay, JamesIreland68I 76 NY Cav.Shelbyview record
Moody, E. M.Saratoga Co., NY68A 110 NYShelbyview record
Moody, E. M.Saritoge, NY68A 110 NY Inf.Shelbyview record
Moody, E. M.Saratoga Co., NY68A 110 NY Inf.Shelbyview record
Moody, E. M.NY68A 110 NYShelbyview record
Moody, Edward M.Beacon Hill, NY68A 110 NYShelbyview record
Moore, JohnCoshocton, Ohio68K 178 OHShelbyview record
Moorehouse, George W.North Cohocton, NY68E 101 NY Inf.Benonaview record
Morris, H. C.NY68H 107 NYShelbyview record
Morse, J. W.Maine68F 142 In Inf.Benonaview record
Nichols, LarryHilsdayl, Mich.68B 11 MI Inf.Clay Banksview record
Niles, Austin D.Canondage, NY68C 4 MI C.Benonaview record
Olinder, Wm. A.Sweden68B 1 MI L. A.Shelbyview record
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