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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Jackson, AndrewNY65A 14 MI Inf.Jonesview record
Jackson, AndrewNew York65A 14 MI Inf.Newbergview record
Johnson, Charles F.Mich.65G 25 MI Inf.Vandaliaview record
Jones, Geo. W.Ohio65H NY Cav.Jonesview record
King, Samuel P.Mich.65C 12 MI Inf.Jonesview record
Kinney, F. C.Ohio65G 25 MI Inf.Fabiusview record
Kinney, LutherOhio65K 78 NY Inf.Newbergview record
Leckner, G. F.Oxford (?), O.6511 MI Inf.Porterview record
Lewis, Elmer J. (G.?)Mich.65H 19 MI Inf.Penn.view record
Long, H. D.Mich.65A 1 MI Cav.Jonesview record
Lynch, N. J.N. York65I 1 US SSNewbergview record
Mabus, Wm.Germany65A 13 MI Inf.Williamsvilleview record
Mapus, Wm.Jermany65A 13 MI Inf.Jonesview record
Mills, John A.Mich.65A 11 MI Inf.New Bergview record
Newell, CharlesMich.65G 25 MI Inf.Jonesview record
O' Conner, Cyrus65D 11 MI Inf.Jonesview record
Phillips, H. H.NY65E 4 MNVandaliaview record
Plummer, Geo. W.Mich.65D 12 MI Inf.Coveyview record
Pound, Isaac S.6514 MI BatteryNewbergview record
Reams, JeramiahOhio65C 17 OH Inf.Coveyview record
Reese (Beese ?), JonathanP. A.65E 51 PA Inf.New Burgview record
Roots, WindsorMich.65A 6 MI Inf.Porterview record
Satstraw (Latstraw), Jacob P.P. A.65H 35 PA Inf.Porterview record
Scott, L. H.Mich.65G 11 MI Inf.Jonesview record
Sherry, Sam'lPenn65B 11 MI Inf.Newbergview record
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