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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Furrister, A. J.63F 7 MI Inf.Grantview record
Gabrill, C. M.New York63B 148 NY V.East Tawasview record
Gallagher, John63view record
Galloway, Sam E.L Salle, Ill63A 53 IL Inf.E. Tawasview record
Glinn, John63view record
Goodale, H. A.63East Tawasview record
Green, ThomasCanada63K 3 MI Inf.view record
Guiley, D. E.Pennsylvania63D 29 MI Inf.E. Tawasview record
Guptill, S. H.Chatham, NY63B 12 ME Inf.E. Tawasview record
Hanford, C. H.Penn.63F 143 PA Inf.view record
Harding, A. L.New York63Tawas Cityview record
Harley, William63view record
Hawthorn, Willard S.Vermontville63I 10 MI Cav.East Tawasview record
Hayes, Francis E.Milford63C 7 Mi Cav.Tawas Twp.view record
Hempstead, Chas.Flint, Mich.63H 29 Mi Inf.East Tawasview record
Hill, J. E.63H. 107 NY Inf.view record
Hilt, Theo W.Oneida, NY63D 16 NY Vol.East Tawasview record
Holmes, Edwin F.Orleans, NY63H 10 MI Inf.view record
Hoover, Dan'l63view record
Hunt, Chas.England63H 4 MI Cav.Tawas Cityview record
Hurley, E.63view record
Jack, C. T.Armstrong Co., Pa.63K 104 PA Inf.East Tawasview record
Jameson, Thos. W.63B 29 MIview record
Joles, LeviClayton, NY63G 10 NY Art.E. Tawasview record
Kennedy, CyrusCanada63K 81 NY Inf.East Tawasview record
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