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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Ellsworth, NicholsWayne Co., NY62C 129 NY Inf.Edgertonview record
Emrich, L.Germany62D 21 MI Inf.Spencerview record
Enrich, JohnGermany62D 21 MI Inf.Cedar Springsview record
Fitch, PhiloPanna.62F 2 MI Cav.Algomaview record
Fowler, Wm.NY62G 14 NYview record
Francis, Phillip6211 MI I.view record
Freeman, SeymorNY62G 15 NY H. A.Nelsonview record
Fullington, George62view record
Garey, NelsonPenn.62F 7 MI Cav.Solonview record
Getchell, William I. (L.)Sandusky, O62K 1 MI E&MCedar Springsview record
Gigler (Giggley), Fredk.Germany62B 12 PA Cav.Cedar Springsview record
Gilbert, T.?????, NY62C 15 IN I.Cedar Springsview record
Greenwood, Samuel62view record
Grosvenor, MerillMich.62H 1 MI E&MSand Lakeview record
Grow, S.62Cedar Springsview record
Hancock, Geo.N (?) O62H 18 MI Inf.Cedar Springsview record
Hancock, GeorgeMissoura62H 18 MI Inf.Cedar Springsview record
Hardesty, Alexander62view record
Hardin, AbnerNY62G 2 IA Cav.Solonview record
Harding, Daniel62Cedar Springsview record
Hayward, J. C.NY62F 6 MI Cav.Solonview record
Hicks, StephenJefferson, NY62F 3 MI V. I.Adaview record
Hiler, IraNorwich, Ohio62A 3 MI V. I.Courtlandview record
Hines, Wm.Geauga Co., O.62B 41 OH Inf.Solonview record
Hoadly, JohnPortage Co., Ohio62C 6 MI H. A.Cedar Springsview record
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