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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Curtis, JohnBridge, Pa.60K 8 MI I.Fitchburgview record
Darrah, LeviPenn.60E 137 PA Inf.Bunkerhillview record
Davenport, Geo. A. (?)Canada60G 30 MI Inf.Leslieview record
Davids, Jas. W.New York60G 1 MI Inf.Leslieview record
Davis, Allen B.Ontario, NY60B NY H. A.Leslieview record
Davis, General W.60view record
Davis, Geo. W.Ohio60I 19 OH Inf.Leslieview record
Davis, Glen W.Ohio60I 19 OH Inf.Leslieview record
DeCamp, Chas. F.Mich.60G 12 MI Inf.Leslieview record
Delyord, EdwardNorthampton, Pa.60C 107 OH Vol.Leslieview record
Doxtater, PhilanderNY60E 115 NY Inf.Leslieview record
Draper, Orville O.NY60F 100 NY Inf.Rivesview record
Dunham, G. W.60F 81 NY Inf.view record
Dunsha, D. W.Mich.60A 20 MI Inf.Leslieview record
Earl, PeterNY60D 20 MI Inf.Leslieview record
Elms, Geo. R.Fayetteville, NY60F 9 MI Inf.Rivesview record
Etchell, Peter M.Penn.60A 13 MI Inf.Henriettaview record
Evans, TrumanJackson, M,60C 6 MI Cav.Leslieview record
Farnam, L. NNY60F 8 NY H. A.Onondagaview record
Fisher, Christ60H 2 MI Inf.view record
Flansburg, S. E.NY60H 42 IL Inf.Leslieview record
Fordham, Wm. C.Calhoun Co., Mich.60D 1 MI SSTompkinsview record
Fry, L. G.NY60A 3 MI Cav.Leslieview record
Galbraith, Wm.NY60H 154 NY Inf.Bunkerhillview record
Gallaway, Geo. W.NY60D 27 Mi Inf.Leslieview record
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