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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Hart, Chauncey B.Hillsdale, Mich.5918 NY Batt.Gobelvilleview record
Heringren (?), A.Mich.59I 73 IN Inf.Goblesview record
Hill, AlexChanango, NY5956 2 Vet Res CorpsKendalvilleview record
Hill, AlexanderChenango, NY5956 2 Bat VRCKendallsview record
Hill, Richard59view record
Hoffman, Jacob5993 PAview record
Holmes, C.NY59D NY H.A.Gobelvilleview record
Houseknecht, Jacob D.Pennconing, NY5919 NY Art.Gobelvilleview record
Huff, HenryLevonia, NY59C 13 MI Inf.Pine Groveview record
Hyatt, James (Samuel?) B.Atl. Ocean59G 30 IN Inf.Gobelvilleview record
Jackerd (?), L. (?) V.Franklin, Penn.59G 35 IN Inf.Pine Groveview record
Japhet, James A.Brown Co., NY59K 107 NYPine Groveview record
Jones, William H.Canada59US Gunboat Ranawha NavyPine Groveview record
Kesler, J.59G PAview record
Ketcham, OliverNew York59K 13 MI Inf.Almenaview record
Knowles, Seth B.Ohio59I 9 OH BatteryGobelvilleview record
Kridler (?), JohnLancaster, Penn.59C 74 IN Inf.Pine Groveview record
Lee, L. S.Newfield, NY5915 OH Batt.Gobelvilleview record
Lemunion, M. N.Ontario Co., NY59E 3 MI Inf.Bloomingdaleview record
Lewis, G. W.Ohio59F 12 MI Inf.Gobelvilleview record
Lewis, N. W.Vermont59D Merrill HorseBloomingdaleview record
Martin, S.Mich.59G 28 MI Inf.Gobelvilleview record
Marvin, J. W.Wooster, ohio59K 128 OH Inf.Gobelvilleview record
Mason, LeeErie, Ohio59F 12 MI Inf.Pine Groveview record
Mathias, Emanuel59D 137 IN Inf.view record
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