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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Morgan, JohnNew Jersey58D 14 MI Inf.DeWittview record
Munson, C. H.New York58G 11 NY H. A.DeWittview record
Munson, Chas. H.N York58G 9 NY H. A.DeWittview record
Murphy, JohnIreland58K 50 NY E.Oliveview record
Newman, SilasBath58H 2 MI Cav.Oliveview record
Newman, Wm. R. (Riley ?)New York58E 1 MI L. A.Oliveview record
Perry, O. H.Brooklyn, N58L 5 MI Cav.DeWittview record
Pittam, ThomasEngland58B 26 NY Inf.DeWittview record
Price, ThomasIreland58E 74 OH V. I.Bathview record
Ramsey, JohnEngland58C 23 MI Vol.Oliveview record
Reason, SamuelEngland58D 27 Inf.Rileyview record
Reed, Wm.Mich.58H 24 MI V. I.Manson, Kansasview record
Rider, Charles H.NY58B 11 MI Cav.DeWittview record
Scott, AndrewScotland58F 3 MI Cav.Oliveview record
Shay, Wm. W.New Jersey58I 7 NY Inf.DeWittview record
Signs, W. H.NY5872 OH V. I.South Rileyview record
Sipley, JohnPensylvania58G 15 Inf.DeWittview record
Sloan, Charles A.Vermont58E 3 MI Cav.Dewittview record
Smith, Olt T.NY58I 3 OH Cav.Rileyview record
Smith, OrleansMich.58K 11 MI IDeWittview record
Spring, J. H.Mich.58F 11 MI Inf.DeWittview record
Stewart, N. J.New York58C 157 NY S.V.DeWittview record
Stickels, Joseph58M 7 MI Cav.view record
Stickles, Chas.NY58H 24 MI I.DeWittview record
Stinehart, TheodoreGermany58G 16 MI I.DeWittview record
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