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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Hall, D. E. E.Illinois54A 138Mantonview record
Hall, JohnNY54C 21 MI Inf.Mantonview record
Halliday, DenslowIthaca, NY54D 143 NY Inf.Mantonview record
Harger, Ezra54view record
Harris, MathewNY54I 17 WI Inf.Mantonview record
Hartford, N. F.Vermont54H 6 MI Cav.Ceder Creekview record
Hayes, O. W.54C 124 OH Inf.view record
Henderson, J. F.54view record
Hicks, JohnNY54I 13 MI V IMantonview record
Hicks, JohnNY54I 13 MI Inf.Mantonview record
Hill, John C.Vermont54B 107 OH V IMantonview record
Hilliker, W.54view record
Hinman, P. W.New York54G 114 NY Inf.Mantonview record
Hodges, Arthur M.Michigan54C 16 MI Inf.Bloomfieldview record
Holiday, DenslowNY54D 143 NY I.Mantonview record
Hunt, N. T.NY54D 64 NY IGreenwoodview record
Huson, H. S.New York54L 11 OH VCMantonview record
Hutzler, DavidOhio54C 51 IL Inf.Mantonview record
Inman, JarvisOhio54I 13 MI Inf.Caldwellview record
Kysor, DanielOhio54K 76 OHMantonview record
Lamb, C. A.54view record
Lamb, H. S.Mich.54G 4 MI Inf.Caldwellview record
Lamb, Rue P.Mich.54L 1 MI L. A.Caldwellview record
Lamphere, I. D.Ohio54E 13 MI Inf.Mantonview record
Lewis, Newell S.Essex Co., NY54D 14 VT Inf.Colfaxview record
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