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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Dorman, S.53106 NY Inf.view record
Dorman, StephenJamestown, NY53K 12 PA Cav.Masonview record
Edick, James W.NY53H 11 MI Cav.Masonview record
Every, Reuben53view record
Farren, AndrewPenn.53F 55 PA Inf.Masonview record
Fenn, A. J.York, O.53D 111 OH Inf.Alaiedonview record
Finch, LeonardMich.53E 9 MI Inf.Masonview record
Foglesong, Geo. W.Ohio53K 21 MI Inf.Masonview record
Foot, DavidOhio53H 7 MI Cav.Masonview record
Ford, S. J.53H 42 IL Inf.Masonview record
Francisco, WilliamNY53G 11 MI Inf.Masonview record
Franklin, Garrett J.53view record
Frederick, SamuelOhio53I 53 IN Inf.Masonview record
Freeland, H. C.Rollins, Mich.53D 1 MI Inf.Masonview record
Fritts, FrankMedina, Oh.53E 3 MI Inf.Alaiedeonview record
Fritz, FrankOhio53E 3 MI Inf.Masonview record
Fuller, E. C.NY53B 7 MI Inf.Masonview record
Garrison, Daniel S.Steuben, NY53A 1 MI Art.Henriettaview record
Garrison, JosephMich.53D 20 MIMasonview record
Garrison, JosephMich.53D 20 MI Inf.Masonview record
Gregg, J. H.NY53B 23 MI Inf.Masonview record
Gregg, WilliamCanada53Nasonview record
Hammond, Samuel H.5322 MI Inf.view record
Harman, JohnOhio53D 68 OH I.Masonview record
Hawley, L. E.Conn.53B 13 IL Inf.Masonview record
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