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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Hickok, David M.Penn.50E 9 PA Cav.Coralview record
House, H. J.Sizemore, NY50A 86 NY I.Maple Valleyview record
Hunt, Solomon O.Livingston Co., NY50K 9 MI V. I.Maple Valleyview record
Ingraham, Aaron50view record
Johnson, James M.Lowell, Mass.50KCoralview record
Johnston, Wm. P.Sparta, NY50C 30 IN Inf.Coralview record
Kilborn, Jos. T.Lorain Co., O.50101 OH V. I.Maple Valleyview record
King, Ira S.Ravanna50G 7 OH Vol.Coralview record
Knight, M. V. B.Blissfield, M.50G 18 MI V. S. I.Coralview record
La Du, Oliver C.Shodae, NY50C 136 NY I.Coralview record
Lee, Wm. S.Penn.50G 8 MI Cav.Coralview record
Lee, Wm. S.Penn.50F 8 MI Cav.Coralview record
Lockwood, HenryN York50E 11 MI Inf.Coralview record
Mapes, John50B 23 OH I.Maple Valleyview record
Marshall, JohnCanada50H 50 NY Eng.Coralview record
Mathews, R. E.50A 10 MI Cav.view record
Mathews, R. E.Ontario50B 7 OH Inf.Coralview record
McFadden, FrancisShelby Co., Ill.50D 41 IL Inf.Morleyview record
Merrit, LewisMedina, O.50D 9 MI I.Coralview record
Miller, JamesOhio50B 3 MI Cav.Coralview record
Miller, James L.Meridian, O.50B 3 MI Cav.Coralview record
Monroe, S. C.Cleveland50A 18 MI I.Coralview record
Neve, BenjaminEngland50K 21 MICoralview record
Newman, Edgar G.Otsego Co., NY50G 3 MI Inf.Coralview record
Palmer, WaldoMich.50H 21 MI Inf.Sand Lakeview record
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