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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Bedford, Jno.48view record
Beebe, Darwin E.Ohio48H 4 MI Inf.Jacksonview record
Beebe, Robert48view record
Beely, JohnOhio48H 14 OH Inf.Jacksonview record
Benedict, JohnNY48C 19 NY Inf.Jacksonview record
Bennett, Henry C.Pa.48Jacksonview record
Bennett, W. W.NY48C 77 IL Inf.Jacksonview record
Benson, Charles R.Ohio48B 25 OH Inf.Jacksonview record
Berch (Burtch), Jessi L.Ind.48H 22 WI Inf.Jacksonview record
Berger, JosephPa.48USS St. LouisJacksonview record
Berry, James T.New York48L 8 IL Cav.Jacksonview record
Beverly, Wm. M.48Jacksonview record
Bigelow, E. B.Mich.48B 5 MI Cav.Jacksonview record
Bigelow, Geo. H.New York48E 1 MI E&MJacksonview record
Bigham, Sam'l48view record
Billings,48view record
Billings, J. F.Otsego Co., NY481 MI I.Jacksonview record
Bingham, HamiltonCanada48D 1 IL L. A.Jacksonview record
Black, AbnerOhio48G 1 OH L. A.Jacksonview record
Blackman, F. W.Ohio48E 6 MI H. A.Jacksonview record
Blair, Robert G.NY48A 1 PA BucktailsJacksonview record
Blaisdell, J. A.Vermont48B 98 NY Inf.Stockbridgeview record
Blake, Alonzo J.Canada48D 1 MI Inf.Jacksonview record
Blake, Orastus48view record
Blake, OrestusMichigan48H 23 MI Inf.Jacksonview record
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