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NameBirthPost # UnitResidenceView
Banghart, J. H.42M 8 MI Cav.view record
Bannister, GustavusIndiana42D 102 US Col.Lansingview record
Barden, Alonzo J.New York42D 9 MI V. I.Lansingview record
Barrett, John S.New York42D 8 MI V. C.Lansingview record
Barrows, Arthur M.New York42E 93 NY I.Lansingview record
Barton, Theodore F.New York42H 34 NY Vol.Lansingview record
Bartow, JohnAuburn, Ny42F 9 IN Inf.Lansingview record
Bassett, Geo.Ohio42C 39 IN Inf.Lansingview record
Bassett, M. J.Ohio42F 3 OH Cav.Lansingview record
Bauer, J. D.42view record
Bayliss, Richard425 MI Cav.Wacoustaview record
Beamer, H. C.Vt.42A 20 MILansingview record
Bedell, Henry L.Mich.42K 1 US S. S.Lansingview record
Beebe, Seneca J.Michigan42A 9 MI Cav.Lansingview record
Beghold, L. D.Germany42K 25 OH V. I.Lansingview record
Belt, W. L.Utica, O.42A 135 OH Inf.Lansingview record
Bement, A. S.42Lansingview record
Benjamin, LymanMich.42D 14 Mi V. I.Lansingview record
Bennett, Geo. R.Albion, NY42C 16 MI I.Lansingview record
Benson, E. W.NY42L 16 NY Art.Lansingview record
Bentley, Sam D.Mich.42A 10 MI Inf.RFD Lansingview record
Bentley, Samuel D.Michigan42A 10 MI Inf.Lansingview record
Bently, Geo. H.New York42D 93 NY I.Lansingview record
Berry, Chester D.Pennsylvania42I 20 MI Inf.Lansingview record
Billedeau, JohnQuebec, Ont.42C 99 INLansingview record
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